Who we work with

Our Students

The programme is aimed at students 16+. For some work experience and insurance purposes, students have to be 18+. There has been a notable demand for a course in aquaculture that offers young people more than just theoretical knowledge. In order for students to become really engaged and more aware of what the industry can offer them, it’s evident that they need to experience it for themselves. Working alongside a variety of experts in the field provides students with a real-life experience, enhancing their learning and increasing their engagement as they become active participants in this fast-growing industry.

Our Partners

In the past years, EDinAqua has had the opportunity to collaborate with varying sectors, including academia, NGOs, Government organisations as well as businesses within the industry. The support of establishing this network has been invaluable in providing opportunities to our students. Students have participated in an array of activities through these partnerships. In return, many of the organisations and companies have benefitted from gaining a lot of public attention as well as young people interested in obtaining jobs in those sectors.

List of Organisations