EURASTiP Support in new initiatives moving us forward…

EURASTiP, is one of the multi-stake bodies of the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform.

It has supported this programme by providing opportunities to participate in workshops that allow for discussions on how best Europe can collaborate with the wider aquaculture sector, to include, industry, research and education, at the Global level. We are currently working together on new initiatives to drive vocational education forwards in much needed areas of sustainable aquaculture developments, working together between Europe and South East Asia. Funding has been provided for an Educator Exchange programme earlier this summer in Malaysia with the Universiti of Terengganu (UMT),followed by a Brokerage event in Vietnam and Thailand with industry. Looking forward to these developments!

EURASTIP Workshop Montpellier

EDA will be participating in this workshop through Pisces Leaning Innovations and BlueEDU project. More info on the program, go to <:))))<

Creating opportunities for high school students in CT in aquaculture?

It’s been good to see the recent developments in CT, where I worked for many years as an aquaculture instructor, and to see growth in the aquaculture sector. Producing local food, using set-ups, like RAS that some high school students attending some of the top vocational schools in the state, have experience with, could further their skills development and provide them good career prospects especially in an industry where young skilled workers are in high demand. Read more about how a company in CT is using RAS to produce European sea bass, or branzino as known here in Italy.

Women in Science

This has been a great series showcasing all the progress the industry has made in getting more women and young girls involved in the science of aquaculture. EDA has worked hard in developing a program that appeals to young people, focusing on STEM skills and creating more opportunities especially for young girls to experience what aquaculture and the sector has to offer them. It’s an exciting field with a broad career option that has a global reach! Read more following this link Women in science and aquaculture

Aquaculture innovation in Schools

In June’s issue of the Fish Farmer, you’ll read what some schools are doing to get young people interested in aquaculture. Read the full article here or see below. Thank you to all who contributed to this article: Amy McLeod, Teacher from BRASTEC, Melisa Beecher, high school student from Sound School, Thijs Rutters, Teacher from Groene Welle, Elizabeth Kendall from CRSA and Johannes Elzinga for submitting photos, student at Groene Welle.

Making a splash in ‘Fish Farmer’ magazine.



We’re very happy to announce that our online programme has been featured in the November’16 issue of ‘Fish Farmer’ magazine with a whopping 5 page article. Check out our article here.  You’ll find us on pages 71-75.

Work experience on the Isle of Mull

A group of students from a Dutch school, Groene Welle, took part in a pilot programme offered in collaboration with EDA and The Scottish Salmon Company. The six students completed a 2 week work experience on fish farm sites on the Ulva Ferry location on the island. They also completed an online module that focused on the socio-cultural and aquaculture development in that region. To read more go to Work experience on the Isle of Mull