EDinAqua is an intensive study of the aquaculture industry & influence on the cultures where it is practiced. It is designed to use a STEM focused approach applying concepts in real-life settings. It is aimed at young people from 16 years old and up and from different countries who are interested in learning more about this rapidly growing industry. Students will complete modules online, designed to allow them to be actively engaged in collaborative activities with other participants, course instructors and experts in the field. To enhance student learning, visits, field studies and work experience are also offered to the students, so their understanding of aquaculture has a more meaningful, real-time and first-hand experience.

Students from Zone College, NL work experience with The Scottish Salmon Company

Pamela Ernstberger, Program Manager and Instructor (Europe):


Pam has extensive teaching experience, teaching at the high school and vocational college level, relevant qualifications and training in the field of aquaculture and biology. Experienced in project management, focusing her efforts on youth engagement through social inclusion, multi-cultural collaboration and integration as a means of providing educational opportunities for all. Has worked and collaborated with a range of people from academia, industry, NGOs and business sectors at the international level. Shared interests have led to transfer of knowledge in the aquaculture and fisheries developments, including habitat restoration. These have also opened opportunities to students to participate in current research-based projects and work-related experience that Pam has organised and supervised. Collaborating with these interested groups, was what fuelled the idea to continue developing the EDinAqua programme that would  better engage students in this area and provide them with high quality instruction in a more flexible approach that works for the 21st century learner. She is continuously developing her skills and knowledge in the design of online learning education.

Elizabeth Kendall, Program Coordinator and Instructor (USA):

Mrs Kendall

Elizabeth has twenty years of experience as a project coordinator for CT State Department of Education Interdistrict Cooperative Grants through the Capitol Region Education Council. She holds an MEd from Westfield State College and is a certified K-12 Special Education teacher. She also holds an Aquaponics Certificate from the University of the Virgin Islands and has visited Auburn University’s aquaculture program to glean information about best practices in education and aquaponics. Elizabeth managed the Interdistrict Grant programs “Exploring Diversity in Aquaculture” and “River to the Sea” as CREC programs from 2001-2015. She has worked on aquaculture projects with three Vocational-Agriculture schools across the state and regularly judges the FFA Creed contest. Elizabeth is on the Education Committee for the Salmon-in-Schools project and works with the DEEP to release salmon in her back yard brook.