Exploring Diversity in Aquaculture (EDinA) is a blended programme that explores the aquaculture industry and its development through an intensive study from its multidisciplinary approach as well as the many cultures where it is practised. This programme goes further to explore other emerging methods that are rapidly gaining popularity, like aquaponics, the integration of fish farming and plant farming and the importance of sustaining natural habitats through salmon conservation. To enhance the learning experience, opportunities are provided that will immerse students into work-related application of concepts learned through the online modules. Students will participate in lab activities, river stocking, site visits, getting involved in on-going research projects and opportunities for work experience with a company. This is to ensure young people get many opportunities to learn from experts in the field through the course of their education.

Education in Aquaculture Can Improve the Seafood Industry Globally

Written by Pamela Ernstberger, Posted in PreviewFish Net Blog


This video was funded by the “Exploring Diversity through Aquaculture” Interdistrict grant. The Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) partners with the CT River Salmon Association “Salmon-in-Schools” program and DEEP Inland Fisheries to raise salmon for release into the CT River Watershed as part of the legacy project.

This year, students from the CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering, Medical Professions and Teacher Preparation Academy, and Reggio Magnet School raised and released salmon from eggs to fry (a recently hatched fish that has reached the stage where it can actively feed for itself).